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Posted by bluz on August 26, 2002 at 21:41:39:

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Re: Bassman Mods

I've had my Bassman for about 8 months and a Dan-echo about 6. They've
always sounded great together. However, I could never quite get the sound I
was looking for even after alot of tube swaps..until I read this post. Until
then, I've always just ran my mics through the Dan-echo, from there into the
amp. This is by far the best setup, at least for me. I've never utilized
both channels of this amp before and what a waste. To be able to adjust the
Dan-echo from the amp is worth the price of admission. And it even sounds
more natural. I've found the 20% I've been looking for .......which the
wife says now takes me up to 65% total tone. Everyone's a critic. Thank you
for this post.
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From: "Darol Murphy"

> I received some really good info from Jeff Hale and it sounds great with
> this set up. Facing the back of the amp from left to right AY AX AU
> preamp tubes. Plug your mic into bright input no.1 then run a jumper from
> bright no.2 into the danecho input. Run another jumper from danecho out
> into normal channel no.1. This set up allows you to mix the sound using
> volume knobs. I set the amp as follows-Both vols at 6, Bass and Treb at
> Mid at 0, Presence at 9. Give that a try. Im using a tube rectifier. Ive been able to play
> louder than ever before without feed back with this set up. Let us know
> you think.
> Thanks again to Jeff. Life is short, Play.

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