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Posted by Taco on August 06, 2002 at 18:43:06:

In Reply to: DanElectro Mini Effects posted by bluz on July 28, 2002 at 10:22:09:

: As a Harp Player, the thing to keep in mind, these effects where made for guitar and guitar amps. The only Mini Effect I have found to be use full is the Reverb aka "Corned Beef" I got it for $19. Not Bad. I have tried to use some of the Mini distortion pedals with disastrous results. Even on the lowest settings, it was Feedback City.The cheap Mini echo pedal has no adjustment at all IMHO, its on or off and thats it.
: If your results vary, I would like to hear about them.
: Keep the Blues Alive..............bluz

A harp playing friend and I went out to try out a few of those little DanElectro pedals once. We decided they're all basically the devil's playthings. Yeah, the echo worked, the delay worked, the reverb worked, but they were all one trick ponies (on or off, as you say, and only one basic effect you could get from them).
Keep your Dan-Echo and throw those mini pedals at drummers. (...but don't hurt them; those guys are hard to come by).

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