Re: Bad Night at the Jams

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Posted by james on August 02, 2002 at 19:04:06:

In Reply to: Re: Bad Night at the Jams posted by Taco on July 11, 2002 at 17:53:42:

: I feel your pain, Bluz. Our local blues society monthly jam session was tonight. I went, as usual. Who is there? Two kids beating on accoustic guitars like they were drums, a kid playing conga drums (!) and a kid with a saxophone.
: I've been very tolerant of that type of stuff, but I practice too damned hard to put up with any more. I didn't even unpack my gear. I thought by hanging out and playing my best whenever I could that I might eventually land a gig with somebody. I did...for my best friend who is a little better than me.
: Oh, well. Maybe next month's jam will be my night.
: .................Taco.

: You suck! says the singer at my last open mike over a year ago .. singer? These days the band
makes some singers sound good .. I did suck and stuck around for 2 more songs after boobing the first one .. you should've heard the drummer fighting to hang in their and every else kept
playing, it was funny , the singer split. He must
have heard me walking on him .. oops
Going up cold certainly did'nt help
Nervous and not knowing any songs or what the band expects or what their use to hearing ..Thats what separates the men from the boys! Open jam .. who gives a rat as far as I'm
concerned the crowd was blown away I could'nt even hear their applause boop boop

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