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Posted by Phillip Proctor on August 02, 2002 at 10:32:57:

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: : Getting a Harp Rig your happy with can be a quest. The more info you have before you buy, the better luck you`ll have IMHO. These are just my opinions so here we go. One of the first things I realized was some mics were very hard for me to hold and get a good cup with. I had a hard time with tube mics like the Shure 57 and the 545. I also found the Green Bullet too big and too heavy for my tastes, though I loved the sound. The Blues Blaster and JT-30 just didnt have that grit. I like using a Shure 58 though the sound is fairly clean. I purchased Green Bullet cartridges and mounted them in JT-30 bodies. I found that by not using a volume pot and grounding the shell of the mic, I get a lot less feedback and more volume.I get that distorted gritty sound with a good cup. So now I got an easy to hold, light mic, with the sound I want. I found two amps I really like. For the record Ive tried a lot of Fender tube amps, Bassman RI, 65 Twin RI, Blues Junior, Blues DeVille, and ect. The two amps I prefer are the Blues Deluxe with a 12" speaker and the Pro Junior. The Deluxe is 40 watts with no tube changes I can play at about 4 on the vol with no Feedback and plenty loud. The Pro Junior, I had to replace a 12 AX7 with a 12AU7 for less feedback. With a Shure 58 thru a DanEcho Pedal I can put the volume up to about 5 to 6. With my modified JT-30 about 4 to 5 on the volume. I set the tone at about 3 1/2. The Deluxe and the Pro Junior are easy to carry, plenty loud and sound Good. I bought both amps used $180 Junior - $300 Deluxe, its the Blonde version with the Oxblood grill cloth. As far as rigs go, these two cover most playing circumstances. One thing to remember, a mic will sound a little different thru every amp, so take it and try it before buying an amp. Best of Luck to Ya .
: : I hope this info helps someone. Keep The Blues Alive.....Bluz

I did not post the above, bluz did, I was only trying to email him because I had questions about his posting...sorry! peace

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