Re: Key of choice for second chromatic?

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Posted by Stan Besaw on July 17, 2002 at 04:35:49:

In Reply to: Key of choice for second chromatic? posted by Antonio on July 16, 2002 at 15:07:34:

What keys do you the play the C in now and what keys would you like to play in? For instance, if you like to play the C chrom in C and G, then if you got an A chrom you would play in A and E which is good for standard blues and rock. A Bb chrom will give you Bb and F which are good jazz keys. Remember that not all models of chromatics come in all keys, so it also depends which model you already play or want to play. Hohner use to make chromatics in special order keys, but I don't know if they still do or not.

Me, I stick with a C because it gets too confusing otherwise.


: Dear all
: Playing chromatic in all different keys with a C chrom can be tough. I can manage a few positions reasonably ok but then gets very complicated. I wonder if some of you own a second (or third?) chromatic in a different key (and not just to play 3rd position without slide) and if so which additional key you would recommend (because it sounds good and adds more scope to playing in other keys). Thanks for your replies and keep harping both diatonically and chromatically

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