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Posted by Dave on June 07, 2002 at 19:07:00:

In Reply to: Re: Special 20 "blues" posted by The other Taco on May 29, 2002 at 16:56:35:

Thanks for answering my question about the reliability of Special 20's. I asked Tom Ball in an e-mail if he has the same problem and he says the Special 20's last him about 3 weeks then he chucks it and buys another one. The Hohner people told me that you can buy reeds at 2.00 dollars apiece and they also come with a rivet but I'm not sure I want to tackle that yet. My problem with the LO's is that I just can't breathe as well - it seems like it takes a lot more air for not as much sound. Oh well, I'll probably be switching over and have to deal with it then.
Sorry about "ganking" your name. I really never thought to look to see if there was another "Taco" and I'm not good enough to lay claim to any set name anyway. I just like to play harp and whatever I get tagged with will be just fine.

: Yup.

: L.O's just aren't as sweet in a lot of ways, but I have had the same problem. Like Bill says, you can tweak L.O's to make them act differently, but I don't. I have decided to give up on the Sp. 20's simply because I have never goofed up a L.O. and I can adjust them and my playing to do come close enough.

: BTW...Look back a ways and see...Don't be ganking my nickname, man!! I have been Taco--both around here and elsewhere--a long time!! :) Put a number after it or something! :)

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