Repairing lateral reed offset

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Posted by cddisshort on May 11, 2002 at 13:11:54:

I play Hohner Special 20's and I'm having problems with them going bad after just eight to twelve weeks of playing (about 1 hour a day). I've taken apart all of my bad harmonicas and have found almost all of them have the same problem. It seems that the reed (usally 4th draw) becomes laterally offset preventing it from vibrating and making a sound. If you were to look down on the reed and try and push it through the hole in the reed plate, the reed would catch the right side of the plate at the tip and not pass. All of my bad harps have this mode of failure and they always offset laterally to the right side. I've tried to shift the reed back to the left with tweezers and I've even tried to grab the pin holding the reed with pliers and rotate it. Nothing works though. Does anyone know how to make a lateral reed adjustment? I don't have a repair tool kit...would this help? I've always played Special 20's and that's what I'm used to but they sure don't last very long.

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