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Posted by cddisshort on May 11, 2002 at 12:57:35:

In Reply to: Pignose amp posted by Tim on February 03, 2002 at 13:18:59:

: Has anyone used a pignose amp for your harp? Were you happy with the results?

I bought a Pignose G60VR on Ebay brand new
for $270 in March. It's my first amp as I'm a
relatively new harp player (about 2 years). I
absolutely love it! The best thing about the G60VR over the G40 and other amps is that it has a high/low gain switch in addition to gain and master volume controls. With this switch, there is really no need to swap out input tubes to be able to play loud with lots of overdrive...just switch to low gain if you need more volume and readjust your gain knob for more tone. This was obviously added with harp players in mind. The amp is an all tube design and has bass, mid, treble, presence and reverb control as well. You can pretty much adjust the knobs to get almost any sound you want from "ampless acoustic" all the way to tons of tube overdrive tone at VERY loud volumes. The biggest drawback I've found is that the power supply is not very quiet. You really hear a lot of AC hum at louder volumes but I've found I can suppress this with all the controls (especially mid/trebble and master volume). If you don't plug in an input and turn the gain and master volume all the way up, the hum is pretty loud. But you could never play with a mic at these levels anyway.

Also, the amp has an output jack to bypass the speaker and connect to another cabinet. All in all this amp can give tons of tube tone and will play as loud as your ears can stand.

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