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Posted by Jezzmund on May 02, 2002 at 05:38:23:

I have been practicing bends with the AP Tuner. It's a great tool. There are a couple of things about it I don't understand.
First, I would like an explaination of the % meter. It says it indicates the "% away from the half step". My assumption was that I should strive to hit the note as near 0 as possible. Am I correct? What if I am no where near 0?
Also, I guessed that the key should be set to the key of the harp. However, the notes don't jive (on the harp and tuner) unless it is always set on "C". For example,when I set the key to F and use my F harp, it indicates that F is on 2D (3B)--4B is shown as being C. Am I just out to lunch? Er, let me rephrase that---I would appreciate any help.
Thanks bros,

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