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Posted by J. J. Kaufmann on April 30, 2002 at 12:49:24:

In Reply to: Re: Open mic Blues posted by Bluzharper on March 07, 2002 at 15:45:32:

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: : I speak only from Philly experiance. The harp is never loud enough.

: : Any thoughts harpmen?

: In my area the jams are more under control sound wise. I have played thru some big amps including a 100 watt Fender 65 Twin Reissue. If a guitar player wants to get loud, short of a Harp King, the loudest harmonica amp on the planet, your screwed. Club owners make the houseband hold it down in most cases. Especially when people start to get up and leave due to the volume. Thats the guitar mentality, Louder is Better. OK the alternative is to mic your amp. Now your at the mercy of the sound man. If your running the board, youve got it made. I have two amps I use and both get the job done. Fender Blues Deluxe and a Fender Pro Junior, the mics I use make all the difference. The Deluxe is tubed for guitar, No changes. I love it. Remember, and this is very important, you are doing some serious damage to your hearing when you are in these High Volume situations. Down the road you will notice you start talking louder and turning up TVs and Sterios just to hear them. Want a GREAT STOCK TIP, Miracle Ear, down the road these guys in these Boom Cars will be stone deaf, and they dont even know it. I aviod Jams where things get out of control. Let the club owner know why your leaving and taking your business elsewhere. Usually that will solve the problem. They want your money, trust me. Good Luck and Keep The Blues Alive....bluzharper

You make some good points to my ears. This is what "musicianship" has become in our mainstream culture. To fix any balance problem, something has to get louder. What many don't realize is that hearing musicians who can sensitively bring themselves down in order to let others shine is a thrill. There is nothing like the sound of people using their ears.

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