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Posted by george on April 27, 2002 at 12:50:23:

In Reply to: Re: Big Walther Hortons sound.... posted by Erik W. on April 27, 2002 at 07:05:22:

: : A good example where you can really hear
: : throat :vibrato is Magic Dicks whammer jammer
: : fullhouse live his mic is really pickin up his
: : throat vibrato in the openin shuffle riff great
: : stuff you can hear it all the way down to his
: :stomach

: Thnx a lot for telling me about that CD George, it really rocks .. that will become my number one Car CD :-)
: I think in fact I can do kind of throat vibrato. I have been experimenting with it, and it seems that I can allmost make a full bend on hole 1 and 2 draw on my A-harp using my throat only. Thats not on purpose though. I gotta learn to control it better. I can make a kind of fast "shivering" vibrato on hole 3 and 4, it sounds okay but not as good as Big Walters ;-) My slow throat vibrato sounds terrible.
: I follow this sites advice, not to waste valuable rehearsing time on Throat vibrato. I will only try to work a bit on the fast violin-like vibrato as it comes fairly easy to me.

: Best wishes
: Erik W. i had the hardest time not learning throat vibrato but controlling it indeed it is quite tricky at first but eventually you will get past that part. yes most definetly the slow vibrato is the me its like trying to control a gulp lol but the fact that youare there already doing the throat vibrato you are on to great things it will get better with practice I have 3 students right now and two of them are right where your at with the vibrato the other is bending quite nicely on the high register he won`t be here much longer lol good luck and keep playing George

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