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Posted by Jimi on April 04, 2002 at 11:38:43:

In Reply to: practice direction from a pro please posted by Z Blue on April 04, 2002 at 07:59:33:

: I started playing at the age of 47 and found that I actually have talent. Next month I plan to celebrate my 47th birthday for the 5th time. I am able to jam with about anything (both chrom and diatonic)but haven't taken lessons. I haven't read music since before Kennedy was President. Mainly, I am interested in suggestions from pros on how they practice. Is there value to warming up/practicing scales on the chrom? Should I stick to learning to play blues/jazz and other genre tunes that I like? I imagine that learning to read music again can't hurt. My goal is to be able to play in a decent blues band that might have local gigs and to be able to sit in at clubs with open mic/jam sessions while I travel on biz and pleasure.

: Will trade for infomation on middle age fitness, Paris and cats.

: Thanks

: Z aka Joel

Z One thing I have found is that if you sing AND play the harp you solve 90% of blues bands problems. As a former guitar player I can tell toy that it is tough to keep a rhytm and sing. You can only do it on certain tunes
Or have a rhytm guitar player or piano. How well of a front man are you? Can you croon out some blues tunes? Start with standards for easy open mic intros. There is a site with Jam rules you may fing interesting.
Itis helpful. As for practice it is muscle memory & jamming with CD's combined with pro lessons & some record copying (think work)
Hope this helps.

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