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Posted by Nick on November 25, 2002 at 12:59:44:

Hi Guys
I learnt to read music (basicly) some time ago when I was learning to play the keyboard,however since I've been playing the harp I've been letting what little musical knowledge I had aquirred slip away...this is something I am now regretting and I am now trying to reeducate myself.
If any of you out there are like me,you stick the tuition c.d. into the deck with the book infront of you let it play,then you play your part reading just the tabs and copying the timing of what you've just heard.I think they call it playing by ear,and hey whats wrong with that it's what the blues is all about
But reading music and more importantly understanding things like scales, how chords are made up,where to find these notes on your harp open up endless possibilites for you
To me its a bit like learning a new language,if you learn the grammer you understand what you're saying(Does that make sense?)anyway I know what I mean!!
Take care
Nick (The Charlie Musselwhite of his own living room!)

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