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Posted by SlipKid on November 22, 2002 at 10:55:05:

In Reply to: Jon Gindick's Jamming tapes posted by Nate on November 20, 2002 at 16:47:58:

Why don't you just make them instead of buying them? If all you want are jam trax without the chit chat, take a look on some downloadable MP3 pages. I just made myself 3 volumes of jam trax from about an hour of surfing and downloading. Convert the MP3's to waves or aif's and burn them to CD's. Quality aint platinum, but is definitely good. But hey, they're jam trax! Gindicks are good cause he has commentary throughout but recorded in mono. Meaning that you can adjust your balance to one speaker and mute out the 'chit chat' and just jam. But anyway, passing on this little tip cause if your anything like me you dont' have alot of $$$ to throw around when you can be buying a mic, amp or other harps. Music is almost free nowadays and there are plenty of artists and sites that will cater to poor $$less saps like us. I say take advantage!

Keep Mad Harpin'
the Kid.

: Anyone using Jon's jamming tapes.

: I'm interested in his Harp and Guitar Jam vols 1 & 2, his Four positions of blues, rock and jazz harp and his Robert Johnson lesson tapes.

: How about any other of his jamming tapes or instructionals?

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