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Posted by eddie on November 17, 2002 at 12:08:53:

1st thing; embochure (spelling?)...you know, pucker!

I've been working on my single notes for the past 5-6 weeks, and while I've been practicing, I have made it a point to be very concious of my embochure. In doing so, I have discovered that my sloppy single notes are almost always caused by one or both of two sources: allowing my pucker to weaken or soften and losing a straight alignment with the note I am trying to play.

This has helped me a lot, and I just thought I would pass it on, for what it's worth. Also, I take it easy on the 1 draw, as this cuts down on distorted notes from that hole.

2nd thing: I found a web site with a lot of keyed songs. There's a variety of songs there, but a good number of blues songs. I'm sure some of you have already found it, but for those who would like to check it out, go to http://www.visionmusic.com/jamtracks.html

That's all for now, and like the man says, "Keep on Harpin'."

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