Ryan Adams and his Harmonica

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Posted by Nick A on November 17, 2002 at 04:04:54:

I'm a huge fan of Ryan Adams and I've noticed that he plays harmonica on quite a few songs so I thought I'd pick on up to play along. I'm having trouble trying to figure out which key to buy the harmonica in.
Ig you've never heard of Ryan Adams I'd say he's more on the country side. Does that mean that I buy a straight harp or a cross harp? Can't understand that part. Also, if there a quick way that I could figure out the key myself? Is there an easy way, including capo to figure it out? Sorry so many questions but I'm new the harmonica.

Here's some info. that should help.

First song,(Come pick..) Capo 3, chords G-Em-C-Am
Second song, (Why do...) A-F#m-D
Third song,(Hallelujah) Capo 2, chords G-D-C
Fourth song (Desire) - G-C
Fifth song (Call me..) - Capo 3 - Am-C-G-F

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