Re: Who have you been listening to lately?

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Posted by SlipKid on November 15, 2002 at 11:11:02:

In Reply to: Who have you been listening to lately? posted by bluz on November 15, 2002 at 06:26:11:

What's happenin' Bluz. Hows the giggin' goin?

Well still for me it's old school saturation. Jimmy Reed, Sonny Terry, and just picked up Best of Little Walter. Love the rythm on 'Roller Coaser' track. Feels so good to me.

But new school I have been fortunate to have a friend of a freind of a friend.... that reviews for Blues Review Magazine. Every month she has a sound sampler that she hands down to me. Lots of new old talent alike. Oreo Blue, Louisanna Red, Summertime Blues Band (intoxiated woman- great jam!), Magic Slim, Sue Keller etc... But my favorite so far is Joe Lewis Walker. I only have heard 2 trax, but I like em. Vince Cheney's blues site has a great review of his new CD "In the Morning". I'm thinking of picking it up.

Also for some good swamp rock blues, check out Tab Benoit. Supberb talent of both firey and passionate blues.

take care.

: For me its been,

: Steve Guyger, a great talent, with some very interesting position playing.

: Kim Wilson, found some real old stuff of his with the T-Birds, A CD titled "Whats the Word?"

: Johnny Reed and the House Rockers, this guy will be the next Huey Lewis, IMHO, a true Bluesman, but is doing some Great crossover material that can best be described as Party Dance Music. His band has a Sax, and when the two of them light it up, it cant be beat. They are a five piece band from Toledo... Awesome...

: Hey Who You Listening To These Days??

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