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Posted by Nate on November 14, 2002 at 12:42:22:

In Reply to: Re: Busking posted by SMOKER on November 14, 2002 at 05:42:53:

I take it you're in USA Smoker? Yeah you guys have a cold Christmas whereas here downunder in New Zealand we have a beuatiful Summer for Christams. I laugh at all those here who dress up in the Red Santa suit and think, american wanna-bees. Besides our true Christmas suit is beach wear. Surfs up & b-b-q's.

Anyways, what do you do while busking? Do you sing, play harp only or guitar too?

I've been out with others before but find that going by my self works too. I take a cd player and use play-along instrumentals, which I have a few of now, as back-up. During the evening i might use my little amp and green bullet mic to throw my sound out over the niteclub's racket but otherwise wailing oin the street does wonders for passers.

>>>It is early but have a Merry Christmas, HO HO SMOKER<<<

Yeah I agree, but believe I'll start to see people out on the streets come Dec. You know theres good spots and theres hell spots. Starting early helps one to claim his/her spot. It's always a bummer to find someone else in the best and often "Money Making" spot.

Here during a lunch hour I made $30. $30 an hour ain't bad.

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