Old "LUXUS" Tremelo Harp

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Posted by james on November 14, 2002 at 08:40:50:

: The Jospre'740c"LUXUS"Koncert tremelo harmonica, in a
brown box worn & faded, is in good condition.

With a little research, only knowing that it was made
in Italy, I believe it was made after World War II and
that it's name is a shortened version of a Flemish
Composer named Josquin des Pre's c. 1450 -1521. He wrote motets and masses and other church music of trans
cendent spirituality, and was one of the creators of
polyphonic song.

Flemish are from Belgium. Trappist Monks are as well;
and are noted for Chimay & Steenbrugge Ales.

I'm guessing, that after Italy fell at the end of WWII
and became part of NATO, the Trappist may have contract
ed Italian manufacturing cos. to produce these instru-
ments as part of a new developing economy.

Unfortunately, the entrance into WWII, meant the end
harmonicas being imported into the U.S., and the end
of the Borrah Minavitch Vaudville comedies, of which
the harmonica was a major instument.

The tremelo harp is mostly an instument designed to be
used for Gospels, Ballads, Latin and Folk stuff.

P.S. "LUXUS" is Latin for luxury

Believe It or Not!

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