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Posted by bluz on November 12, 2002 at 11:29:33:

In Reply to: microphones and pa posted by Antonio on November 11, 2002 at 08:59:20:

I would also like to hear Bluz and Stan's opinions in the matter if poss.

When I go out with just a mic, I take a Shure 58. My second choice would be a Shure 57. I try to keep it real simple. I have found most musicians dont know how to set up a PA system for the 520 DX aka Green Bullet. Its Feedback City or its too low of volume to be heard. The best you can hope for is a sound man with his stuff together, that knows how to set the PA. Remember if you use a G.B. thru a pa, keep away from the front of the speakers, even getting in front of a floor monitor thats set too high will cause looping, aka feedback. I heard some good harp via a GB Pa set up, but its usually a harp player thats in the band and knows the board. You might want to checkout the Pod and some of the other new electronics for sale thru this site. Hey best to ya ......and keep the Blues Alive...

P.S. Nothing beats a Tube amp for Harp......IMHO

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