Re: Echo effect pedal vs. Reverb effect pedal

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Posted by bluz on November 08, 2002 at 06:03:10:

In Reply to: Echo effect pedal vs. Reverb effect pedal posted by Ray on November 07, 2002 at 03:08:38:

: Which of these are best with harp? And whats the main difference between them? Thanks,
: Ray

Good question. Several things come into play here. A lot of players dislike outboard effects. When you plug a mic into a guitar amp an effect pedal in the signal path has a tendency to sterilize, flatten or kill your tone from the mic signal to the amp. You loose volume and increase the potential for feedback. An amp with a built in Reverb solves this problem. Most effect pedals, Reverb or Echo are built for Guitars, not for mics. Some new effects are now hitting the market that are designed for mic to guitar amp application. Perhaps one of the most desired sounds by Harp Players is that of the old tape echos or echoplex. I have found the DanEcho to be the most bang for the Buck. Most players want that slap back to fatten the tone and fill out the sound. The DanEcho Pedal will get it done. This pedal has High Cut, Repeat and several other features, that let you dail-in your sound. With Reverb you tend to sound like your playing in a cave or subway tunnel, with the sound bouncing back. I cant say one is better than the other. Its a matter of taste. This is all just one persons opinion, the one I prefer is the Echo.

Best to ya ...........bluz

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