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Posted by SlipKid on November 06, 2002 at 11:41:09:

In Reply to: Christo Redemptor posted by Nick on November 06, 2002 at 06:55:12:

Hey Nick. You probably won't be able to locate any tabs for that or many other songs for that matter. But what you can do as part of the learning process, is find out what key and position the song is in. You can do this for Christo Redemptor by going to Memphis Charlie's website (that is to say Charlie Musselwhite). If you want to learn how to play that track, play along with the cd when you know the key and position. If you need actual notes, your probably not far along enough yet to be learning songs at that level. (not trying to discourage you, but just keepin it real). Most effects come with LOTS of practice, and if your LUCKY, you may see them eventually tabed out in some upcoming volume of Charlies or other harping music books. (whatch someone find a full tab for that song floatin out there somewhere!)

Good Luck

: Hi guys
: Does anyone know where I might get the tabs for Charlie Musselwhites "Christo Redemptor", not that I would be able to play it...not yet anyway, but I would just like to follow what Charlies playing and then work on learning it.Or maybe there's a book or c.d where Charlie talks more indepth about how he achieves
: that incredible sound when playing songs like this one
: Once again I thank my harping family for adopting me.I had a lonely childhood....

: the blues with a smile
: Nick

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