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Posted by bluz on November 03, 2002 at 11:41:56:

In Reply to: mics and amps posted by Nick on November 03, 2002 at 08:12:16:

: Nick

The best advice I could give you is to,
1. Visit the Jams in your area and see what the set up is. How loud is the sound, does the band have a Harp player, will they even let you set up an amp, some Jams wont.

2. Before buying anything, checkout harmony central and go thru the reviews of that product.
Look for reviews by Harp Players. This will give you a basis to make an informed purchase.

3. Find out what your needs are first, I have been to jams with just one harp in my pocket, a key of C for G Blues, been asked to play, used the frontmans or lead singers mic, which is usually the loudest, and the one with a monitor,
and had the time of my life. In a lot of cases a
20' chord with a Shure 57 or 58 is your best bet.
Its easy for the house band to set up, you wont
be fighting feedback if you stay away from the front speakers, and can usually hear yourself play.

4. Now for Opinions, and thats all this is, I would not go to a jam with any amp smaller than a Fender Pro Junior, you wont be heard. When I go to Jam I usually take my Blues Deluxe, 35 watt 12" speaker, and its tubed for guitar, that way anyone can use it, Guitar players or harp players.
Most bands like it when you share and are polite and humble. Let them know your experience level, keep in mind every jam and every night is different, guitar players are usually too loud.
Try to find a jam with a harp player in the band, most likely he will let you use his rig.

Best to ya and keep the Blues Alive..........bluz

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