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Posted by james on August 06, 2002 at 19:34:51:

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: : Thanks for the advice. i'll give it a try.

: : : I've found that it's not so much in the mouth as it is in the throat. You could try to put the harmonica pretty far into your mouth (if you can't press your mouth against the harmoinca yet, press the harmonica against your mouth with your hands (gently!)), then "gasping". This should get a clean note, but the sound quality won't be good until you learn to do the same thing without the "violence". If you want to do it with your lips, hold it in the correct position with one of you hands until the muscles start to form... most of all, keep trying. it's frustrating but eventually it pays off. Well, I hope this helps.

: : Hey, try covering 4 holes all at once for a chord thentry blocking 3 of them with your tongue
: either to the left or to the right for one note
: respectively. Other wise work one hole at a time
: 1 blow-draw, 2 blow-draw etc. the wood comb between each hole helps guide the air flow to that hole and if you get sound from the wrong hole
: it may be an effect to use later .. it all works
: practice for a few days and then its done forever

:So from either home of choice either single note
or chord position, say if you're covering 4-5 hole hit/slap the top of the tongue near the tip
once then twice then 10 , see where its going...
Guthrie the Son play this long song, reminded me
of the way Dylan sings, any way I think it was in
A , you could use this sound steady for the whole
song positioned at 1 & 2 in the lower register.
Is that first position where you are relative to
what ?

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