Re: Any STONES harpkey out there?

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Posted by james on July 31, 2002 at 21:29:09:

In Reply to: Any STONES harpkey out there? posted by Amy on July 18, 2002 at 13:47:27:

: Any good Rolling Stones harp key
: sites out there?

: You better believe it..Play the E-key to "Happy"
also for The Doobies "Listen to the Music".
Joseph Thomas Sullivan played harp, he pulled it
out once. One note or two. He loved his Stones,
He would say, "They never hurt me"
He died from over-dosing Dec.5Th 1997. His death
inspired His gift to me, some powerful will to
learn and study the harp, out of the blue, crack,
just like that. Broke the ice one night after a
night "down town" with Tony & Stick..Tony sent his
man out for some "chronic" , his daughter for
grilled chickan salad and broke a C-note to by us a
case and GAvE us the change.So nice of him, thanks
Stick gave Tony a song on tape called "Saigon".
Weird shit
Over in Cambridge "Teenage Waste Land" played on
the radio..and as I was trying to play along, BAM!
lightening struck down yonder M.I.T. and all the
street lights went out on the street and it was
pouring cats & dogs..Joseph, Is that you controling the weather up there?
Love You
Brother Duck
Don"t follow the


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