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Posted by SlipKid on July 29, 2002 at 21:07:08:

In Reply to: 3 draw help posted by Dot on July 29, 2002 at 19:47:08:

Well, I could give it a shot...

3rd hole has been my challenge since I took the harp seriously. Takes a bit of practice to hit right and consistantly. Don't know how you play the lower register, but I've learned to pucker those notes and found that they have more body than if you were to tongue block em. But even with puckering, the 3 was still tough to hit. The reason your hitting a 'gawd awfull' draw could be because your attempting to pull a bent 3rd as opposed to a natural 3rd. It helps to hear what a natural 3rd draw sounds like. When you can hit THAT consistantly, then you can bring down the bends in sequence. Something you'll eventually get to if you stick with it. What helped me considerably to hit a 3rd draw natural was to (again with lip pursing) bring my tongue closer to the hole. Try this...

If you were to pronounce the word, 'chicken' using not the VERY tip of your tongue but a little more of it, that space where your tongue hits the roof of your mouth is where you want to draw in air from the 3 draw. Bring that space closer to the hole untill it hits clean. You may have to close that hole a bit more to really pinpoint the airflow. If you still have trouble try also to rotate the position of the harp in relation to your lips. Rotate it up, rotate it down, put it further into your mouth. The combination of ALL these things in the right place finally gave me a good and consistant natural 3rd draw. Not to mention a whole lot of patience!

Also look into bending the 3rd hole notes to make sure that your not hitting the 2nd or 3rd bend instead of the natural note. Hope this helps and as always, enjoy the process and keep mad harpin'.

Best of luck
-the Kid

: Brand new to this... have not broken the damn thing yet and 90% good now with the single notes. So I move on to look at different things- but when I attempt a 3-draw it is the GOD AWFULLEST sound in the world. heh Can anybody out there give me some tips?

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