Breaking My Habits?

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Posted by Christian on July 22, 2002 at 16:38:58:

Let me first say that this site is a great place for all that plan to learn the harp.

I am a 16 yr old that has played blues guitar (new found love for slide guitar blues), and i have a pretty thorough understanding of music theory. I have always loved the blues and the blues harp has always captured my imagination. A few days ago I got a Hohner harp in C for my birthday, and immediately set out to play it using sites similar to this for help.

Now the problem:
In these few days before I found this site i have already developed "bad" habits (according to this site) and have found it increasingly difficult to break these habits however new they are.

I have the single note down and can play several of the beginner songs from memory, yet i use the U-shaped tongue method. Is there any way that i can still improve using this method?

Also i can only bend the 3rd hole draw, but it sounds sour and i have to tilt the harp almost verticle. Is it possible to bend the other notes with the U-Method?

Lastly is there any way u know that could make it easier to break the habit if that is the only resort?

Thank you very much for the help.

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