Any advise for cold sores?

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Posted by Weekend Bender on July 18, 2002 at 07:06:41:

I seem to find hobbies that dont compliment my body.
I'm a craftsman with bad eyesight, a bowler with short fingers, and now I'm working on the harp. I'll get on roll practicing. I'll go thru maybe a dozen riffs and 7 or 8 songs maybe 4 to 5 times each, but if I do this 4 times a week it's a cold sore for sure. (Another good reason not to play anyone elses harp). I'm at a point where I really enjoy and want to practice. I've sat in with guitar playing friend and had some fun. I need to learn and be able to practice more. Anybody else go thru this? What helps, hurts?

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