** 4 sided M.Hohner Harmonica - - I believe it is RARE.. HELP !!!

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Posted by Almo on July 17, 2002 at 16:33:26:

This site is fantastic !!
I have in an excellent condition Red (snake skin style) box, a 4 sided Tremolo Harmonica by M.Hohner in really great condition. It is not a 6 sided one that I can find every-where online. It is 4 sided model number (I assume) 52/160 M. keys are C D G F
Below that is a serial number 1-027.211-99
On the bottom of the box someone wrote in pen 1947... I am not sure if this means anything or not. If anyone can tell me anything about it, where I can have it appraised (for a fee) online, I would really appreciate it.
You can email me here.

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