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Posted by SlipKid on July 15, 2002 at 15:54:04:

In Reply to: SP20 or LO posted by Blue punk on July 13, 2002 at 21:07:20:

I own a couple lower pitch LO's - A and Bb. I like their resonance and note 'pliability'. I'm not sure how the SP20 low pitched harps sound. But one thing I do notice with LO's is that the 3 draw is a bit tricky to hit a clean, powerful draw or blow(at least for me). I can't do it w/out excessive breathing through my nose. I play alot better chords and slides with my Pro Harp and SP20's. So I guess it all depends on your playing style. Try both and see how it feels. Nothing will give a more solid conclusion than prolonged playing.

Best o' Luck

: I have got both (A-C in SP 20 and D in LO) and can't really decide which way to go in the Bb.
: I like them both they feel very similar.
: Maybe, we could get a list of the pluses and minuses of each.
: I've heard that the LO last longer for one. Also I've heard that the low keyed LO's consume more of your air to draw the low bends and aren't as clear as the SP20's.( that quote was from )
: I'm to novice to have a real opion one way or the other.

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