Re: Could my hands be too small?

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Posted by E-J on July 10, 2002 at 03:41:34:

In Reply to: Re: Could my hands be too small? posted by SlipKid on July 09, 2002 at 16:11:10:

Thanks Kid... I was tempted to order the Portnoy Masterclass as it gets such rave reviews, but was put off by reading somewhere that it is more useful for advanced players, and that it's designed for a harp in the key of A - I'm only just getting to know my 'C' harp, and not knowing much about music just yet, I find such things intimidating! :) ... beginners' insecurities, really. I will try the thumb thing you suggest and keep experimenting. And I might just convince myself to fork out the $80 or so that it'll cost me to get the Portnoy CDs shipped over from the States.

: E-J, I just picked up the Master Class Portnoy lessons, and there is a great little tip in there that may apply to your dilema. If you play cross harp (lower end of the harp), try curling your right hand thumb OVER the 6 and 7 hole as you hold the harp in the traditional style. This should bring your hands closer together so that the heals of your hands press tight. Your thumb (as Portnoy says) creates a seal against your cheek to form an air tight cup. If you need to play up the harp to the higher notes, simply slide your thumb over to accomodate. If that don't work, try anything you can to form that cup. Be creative. For other harp secrets I recommend making the investment in the M.C. set.

: Hope this helps n' Keep mad harpin'.

: Good luck
: -Kid

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