No sound from 4th hole draw

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Posted by Claudio on July 09, 2002 at 19:11:28:

I've found your site a month ago and I immediately found it very interesting. I am from Argentina and always enjoyed the blues.
I've bought my first harp a 3 weeks ago (Hohner Blues Harp MS 'C')
Since then I've started to play using the instructions that I read on this nice site. Now I'm playing some basic thems.
Today during a practice session, I could check that suddenly there is no more sound on 4th hole draw 'D'.
I've removed the covers and I could not see any element that is preventing the movemente of the reed. I could only observe that the 4th draw reed is flatter than the other ones, I mean that the end of the 4th draw reed has not much separation from its hole.

Does it mean that the harp has been damaged ?
Can it be fixed by trying to bend the reed ?

Any advice about this issue will be appreciated.

Tks very much
Brgds Claudio

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