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Posted by GTLee on July 03, 2002 at 08:44:35:

In Reply to: I still can ONLY hit the DEEP bends...!!?? posted by Jeff on July 01, 2002 at 17:39:21:

I bought a chromatic guitar tuner (Korg ~ $19.95) so that when I bend I know when I'm hitting the right notes (my ear isn't the best, LOL). I found on the #3 bend I was trying to go too far and skipped the first two bend notes....

Research on this site what note on your harp you are attempting to bend to, set the tuner for that note and wail away until ya got it right - that way you can be confident that you're doing it right!

Good Luck!

: When I bend hole three, for exmaple, I know there's 3 or 4 different bends/notes available, but I can ONLY hit one! I've tried and tried to control it and not bend "as much" but it's very's like, I move my tongue, and it bends 2 or 3 steps, and that's it...

: Any tips?


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