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Posted by Steve on October 30, 2002 at 15:44:34:

In Reply to: tongue block bending posted by nick on October 28, 2002 at 12:39:03:

A few months ago I asked the same question on this site, and was told that TB bending was very difficult. I was used to using TB when playing on chromonicas. I was advised to switch to the pucker method on diatonics and am glad I did, as I am now getting on well with bending. Strange thing is that if I play a chromonica now, I switch effortlessly back to using TB on that instrument.


: Hi guys
: In the words of Sonny boy himself. "You've gotta help me baby,I can't do it all by myself"....
: I've managed to master the art of bending quite well using the lip block method as this seems to give you greater control over the note you are playing.What I'm trying to learn now is how to bend while tongue blocking,covering holes 1 and 2 for instance and bending hole 3. this feels so awkward that I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible at all.I would be most grateful for any tips you can give
: Nick

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