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Posted by Rod on June 19, 2002 at 08:02:10:

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This is a copy of a post from by Mike at Jon Gindick's web site that I saved and find useful in structuring my harmonica progress. I Hope it Helps.

"here are some ideas:
-instead of single notes, try octaves or tongue-slapping
-think about what you do and try expand, like spend an hour and try to come up with a bunch of new V-VI-I-V turnarounds
-or another day, try to come up with new stuff to do on the VI
-or another day start with some one or more of jon's riffs like the good morning or 6 blow down and expand them into a question-answer format to do on the I chord. for example start with the good morning riff 1d 2b 2d 3d and try question-answer stuff like 1d 2b 2d 3d (question) 1d 2b 2d 3d 4d 3d 2d (answer, because it resolves on 2d)
-here's another idea....try articulating one of the riffs jon uses over the melody of a song you are playing. you may have to play some notes twice or three times to make it fit. if it doesn't sound good, try another riff. then change the last note of the riff to better articulate the chord of the song you are playing
-or if you play the melody, try not doing the melody and try doing stuff in between
-or try to invent little rhythm patterns that you can play instead of melody or in-between the melody
-if you play into a mic, try playing acoustic style and adding lots of hand motions for wah-wah effect...or vice-versa, if you play acoustic, try playing straight into the mic chicago-blues style

i know what you mean though about the rut. sometimes i say to myself it's a silly little insturment with just 20 notes, how much variety can you get? but then i only have to listen to a cd of someone famous like sonny terry to realize there are infinite number of things to do with a diatonic harp and my current ability is only a small fraction of what is possible."

Keep on Harpin'

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