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Posted by Rod on June 17, 2002 at 11:53:23:

In Reply to: Re: High Impedance vs. Low Impedance posted by Bluzharper on June 17, 2002 at 11:40:58:

Thanks again Bluz. This ones a keeper. I'm printing it out.

: Rod,
: Perhaps the best example of this is plugging a Green Bullet directly into a PA board.
: Will it work ? Yes.. What usually happens at Jams when this is done, is a sound check takes place, the volume is raised to just about feedback level on the board for that input, then when the band plays the mic is not loud enough. If you turn the volume up on the Bullet it's feedback City. Uck!!
: A good soundman can make this combo work. IMHO if youre going to take just a mic to a Jam, make it a Shure 57 or 58. Give it a good sound check cupping the mic and using the harp. An old trick is not playing your hardest during the check, that way when the music starts and you really blow, you will have some more headroom volume wise. If you are Lucky enough to have a Jam in your area with a Harp Player in the house band, learn and steal everything you can from them. A very important part of being a Bluesman is knowing your equipment and your stage etiquette.
: Never!! tweek another musicians amp or gear without permission. Always, if possible do a sound check. NOTHING, and I mean Nothing, turns a crowd off like feedback. You are yelling out loud, I dont know my gear, or what I,m doing. I,m not a professional. There's a reason some guys get to play six songs and others only get two at Jams. The best circumstance is to have your own rig, keep it simple, not five pedals and requiring three 110volt plugs, try not to ask to mic your amp, most jams wont. An amp like a Pro Junior or a Hot Rod Deluxe will get the job done, you will be heard. I use one pedal, a DanEcho and a JT-30 with a Green Bullet element in it, NO volume pot. I can set my rig up in about two minutes, I always take my own 110volt power strip, theres usually not enough 110volt sockets. I never use batteries, always and adapter. I get asked to sit in with almost every Band Ive Jammed with. They know I can set up fast, know when NOT to play, know the changes and the songs, and know my equipment. Hey Ive learned the hard way and paid some dues. Hope there's some useful knowledge in this.............bluz

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