Fabulous ThunderBirds Live Song Keys

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Posted by Bluzharper on June 16, 2002 at 23:01:05:

This is from the Live simo cast CD

1. Intro by Dave Adelson of MTV fame.
2. Wait On Time Bb song key use Eb harp.
3. My Babe G song use C harp.
4. Things I Use To Do F song use Bb harp.
5. The Hussel Is On Bb song use Eb harp.
6. I Can Tell G song C harp.
7. Look Whatcha Done D song G harp.
8. Wrap It Up A song D harp.
9. Early Every Morning aka Down at Antones E song A ha.
10. Shes Tough E song A harp.
11. I Believe Bb song Eb harp.
12. Tuff Enuff B song E harp.
13. People Will Be People F song Bb harp.
14. Where Were You C song F harp.

Kim Wilson does some Great octave tongue slaps on No.9
"Early Every Morning" listen and learn, YEA BABY....
Best to All......Keep the Blues Alive.....bluz

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