Re: Hitting all the 3-draw Bends??

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Posted by Bluzharper on June 14, 2002 at 13:19:59:

In Reply to: Hitting all the 3-draw Bends?? posted by CanHarp on June 14, 2002 at 06:25:58:

: I use a chromatic tuner to see how well I'm doing bending. I can hit all the proper notes but I can only hit the full two-note bends or higher. Like on the 3 draw bend, I can only hit the lowest bent note. Not all 3. Is there any suggestions you guys can offer for better controlling the bends?


No. 1 Practice.....

This is just my Opinion and is sure to get some flack, but here goes, I would put most of my efforts into playing Songs. Ask yourself, how do I sound making music? I never have put a lot of focus on bending, it just came when I needed it. What Im trying to say is, it happens. Too much focus is put on bending, and its not that hard to do IMHO. I constantly run into players at Jams that can bend all over the place, yet cant do a Back Rhythm or a Chug, or Fills. All they can do is Solo, and I mean WAY! too much. IMHO you will fit into a Band situation better by knowing how to take the place of a Horn, or Horn section, or an Organ, or Key Boards. Doing Fills and Rhythms is extremely important if your aim is to play in a Band. Standing on a Stage and grinding out 1 4 5 Blues all night becomes a real pain if all you do is bend and solos. The goal should be to play songs. I have never stood on a Stage and seen how many bent notes I could hit. You get up, play your Ass Off and make it sound Great and Fit. Im always suprised at Jams at players who dont know when to take a break, give someone else a solo, and who walk all over a vocalist. Bending is such a small part of the Big Picture.......

Sorry for the Rant.......You hit a nerve..... Keep the Blues Alive....all the Best to Ya.....bluz

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