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Posted by Ron on October 28, 2002 at 19:43:09:

In Reply to: tongue block bending posted by nick on October 28, 2002 at 12:39:03:

Hi There,

Bending using tongue blocking is possible. In fact, for some strange reason, it has been and still is easier for me to play with tongue blocking than puckering. Here is what I can offer:

When using TB, have your open mouth cover 4 holes at a time. Block the lowest three for single notes whether bent or natural. You may have to really think about your breathing when playing/bending with TB. You may have a tendency to suck on the harp but remember that deep belly breathing that you do when you play with the pucker method. Really practice that breathing.

It's hard to explain what is going on in my mouth when bending with TB but I could say that the right side of my tongue is forming a curve that rises toward the middle and falls toward the harp and my throat. The sharpness and shape of this curve will change with the key, hole, and bend that I am playing. For example, the bend on the 4 hole on the A harp requires kind of a medium curve. The 6 hole bend on a C harp requires a much sharper curve that is more focused at the tip of the tongue.

I really don't know what is actually going on in my mouth, this is just what it feels like to me. Start practicing TB bends with the 4 hole on an A harp or Bb. I think these are easiest. When you make it happen, try to hold the bend as long as possible. This will increase your muscle memory. Then try to expand to other bends.

Good luck and have fun!


: Hi guys
: In the words of Sonny boy himself. "You've gotta help me baby,I can't do it all by myself"....
: I've managed to master the art of bending quite well using the lip block method as this seems to give you greater control over the note you are playing.What I'm trying to learn now is how to bend while tongue blocking,covering holes 1 and 2 for instance and bending hole 3. this feels so awkward that I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible at all.I would be most grateful for any tips you can give
: Nick

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