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Not really. You might try a lower or higher keyed diatonic first (either brand).

95% of the time when people can't get the bend to go all the way down it's because they are sucking the air with their lips instead of breathing. Try to drop your jaw a bit, put the harmonica a bit further into your mouth (without losing the single note) and most importantly, relax your WHOLE FACE, MOUTH, AND UPPER BODY. It will come. Relax and don't try so hard. Re-read out bending section for more tips and tricks.

Play on,

: I practice bending for quite a while now. I manage to get down the pitch for half a tone on the second draw
: and a whole tone on the thirth draw. That's not as far as it should. I play Lee Oscar, they're easy to bent but maybe for the last step the Hohners special 20 are they doing better ???

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