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Posted by SlipKid on October 28, 2002 at 09:14:17:

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Welcome Benny to one of the most informative and fun, friendly sites out here for Harp. If you are true to your intentions in taking your time to learn the harp the right way, and your patience and persistance it up to par, you are in for a very rewarding experience and a whole lotta' fun. Stick with this site and reccomendations from this site and you won't go wrong. A Special 20 in C is a solid choice for starters. Work on your single notes and tongue blocking right from the get go, it'll save you time and aggrivation of having to redefine your playing style later on. Good luck Benny and congrats on kickin' the nic sticks!

"Blues is like a vaccination. We play the blues, to keep you from gettin' the blues"
-Brother Yusef

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the Kid

: Greetings from the heart of the Miss Delta and home of the Blues! I found this site searching for how to info on the harp because I finally gave up smoking and have always wanted to learn to wail the blues. I went bought a special 20 in C and hope it helps keep me busy in a fun a long lasting way.

: Lots of great info at this site, BOY is it ever great to be able to go someplace like this and learn.

: Just reading about keys and steps and half steps and all that, it's not exactly as easy as jello and I guess thats just fine because I at least sort of can understand it.

: I read the 6 week lessons, Im in no hurry and really want to do this right. If that schedule is truly a good one to follow then I suppose I will take the "long route" and do the first steps twice as long as you could get away with.

: I learned how to play guitar all wrong a long time ago and I never got over it. I dont want that to happen to this and more than willing to be deligent in my practice routine, but I just want to do it right from the start and just do my best.

: Any advice is much appreciated, this site is great, I'm not going to ask questions because there is a heck of a lot to learn here before I need to do that!


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