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Posted by Bluzharper on May 14, 2002 at 04:23:27:

I was doing some jammin in my truck the other day to a Junior Wells version of "Down Home Blues" off the CD "Harp Attack". There are a few easy, and very useful licks in this tune I thought were worth sharing.
Start on the 2d then slide up to the 5d, then 5b 4d. This run is the rhythm, and can be played thru the song. This will give you a good feel of what a back rhythm should sound and feel like. Now 1d 2b 2d 2d. Do this twice. Then repeat the slide run from 2d to 5d this time add 4d 5b 4d, hear how this small note change changes the feel of the lick? Now for the turn around, after the last 4d - blow 4b 3b 2b 1b, do this in a quick slide, then 1d 1d, try to bend these 1ds, then 2b 2d 2d 2b 2d. These licks will give you a good foundation to work with and a feel for a 1 4 5 Blues tune. Take note of the changes, where the licks fit, and then make a few of your own small changes in each lick. This is the key to taking any Blues Song and making it your own. By doing this you will eventually develope your own style of playing and be able to improvise no matter what song your playing........Good Luck and Enjoy..........bluz

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