Re: Life span of a Blues Harp?

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Posted by FOR JAMES FROM THE G MAN on October 27, 2002 at 08:13:54:

In Reply to: Re: Life span of a Blues Harp? posted by james on October 27, 2002 at 05:18:40:

: : : : How long a Harmonica last, I usually Play every day for an hour or so, and after a month the thing is out of tune.Does the (Honner) harmonics have a short life span?
: : I should have proof read my queston better!

: : Hey, Whatta ya say? Some players rock hard and
: may blow it out in one nite. Some can have their
: harps up to 15 years, with care. As a beginner
: who practices alot, my experience over the last 5
: years is that a harp will last 1 to 5 years or less. keep in a case, they just have to be
: there when you need to play, whether its in coat pocket or in the truck on the seat. Play any new
: harp delicately so you can get use to the instrument and its responses based on its key,
: they are a little different that way. On a 10 hole
: A at the 7 hole blow ( MARINE ) it sounds like a grinding chord or just flat or some lower octave,
: but 7 blow works with 5 blow, even 4 while flat...
: like playn with two different keyed harps. On Dkey
: 7 blow and draw... takes more preasure for it to sound as well as 8, 9 & 10... On Bb 6 blow blew out
: and on draw just a sustainable whine

: On F, the 4 blow is flat, so combine , 4to5 6to7
: 4to5 7to8, the 5 draw is also flat and ten blow as well

: Clock time duration?
James, Thanks for your reply, I should't BITC.. to much I have found a store to buy Hohner Harps for $15.00 or I can buy a cheep Blues Band for $4.00,but the life span of my harmonica is a month I practice every day, SEE YA, THE G MAN

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