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Posted by Tony on April 30, 2002 at 06:29:36:

In Reply to: Musicians Friend posted by Bluzharper on April 29, 2002 at 16:50:49:

Gotta agree with Bluz. WHen I first started playing a year and a half ago my local shop was Musician's friend (Medford, OR). I can tell you from going there that at that shop there is one maybe 2 guys that know harp. They are very helpful, but the first time I went there I talked to someone who didn't know. I would be nearly 99% sure that whoever enters the orders and maybe whoever fills the orders doesn't know much about harp. Now I buy locally since I've moved, unless it is something I absolutely know what it is ( A C harp for instance) then I go ahead and buy from MF. Harp on.

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