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Posted by Noss on April 26, 2002 at 08:00:30:

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: I am not sure what excactly you want to know Christina, but I am sure that the information you are after is right her e on this site, you just gotta go look for it. If you wanna buy a Harmonica click on this picture:

: If you havent got a harmonica allready, you should by a a Harmonica in C Major. If you wanna know what key of Harmonica you need for jamming to your favourite tunes, you just click here.
: Click on the CD you wanna know about about, - the song key will be listed for every song, lots of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith there :-)
: To see what key harmonica you need, you just look at the Key in the collumn to the right (2nd position).

: Best wishes
: Erik

Hi Christina,
I first got into harp playing from an interest in blues playing but this is hard to play unless you can bend notes. Its also good to have someone to play with or at least some basic blues songs to play along with. In this case I found its good to have a selection of harps. C is the first one to get for playing in the key of G in blues or the key of C for folk stuff. Then an A harp is also good for playing in the key of E for blues or A for folk. A G harp is also a good one to get. I think the most important thing to get going is some rythum. Try getting a rythum going just by blowing in and out and then accent some of the notes by blowing a little louder and then make the other notes really soft(think of a train chuffing along). Then play this on the harp down the bottom for a while and then move it up and down the harp(dont go past the 6th note as the notes above are really hard to play).Once you get used to the sound you will hopefully learn to skip out some of the notes that dont fit by playing them so soft that you almost cant hear them.I found that folk tunes use breathing out rythums and blues tunes use breathing in rythums.So if your if your using a C harp to play in the key of C(folk) breath out and for the key of G(blues) breath in. I hope this is not confusing.good luck.
Ps:listen to as much harp music as you can!

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