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Posted by George on April 24, 2002 at 10:10:15:

In Reply to: Rock and Roll and different keys posted by Robin Adams aka Keith Relf on April 16, 2002 at 17:24:19:

: Hi -- I'm hoping someone can help me!

: I sing in a band ala british invasion style bluesy rock and garage punk and I want to play harp too. So I bought a Hohner in A and E today (those are they keys we play in most!) and I'm completely lost on what to do next. It's harder than it looks -- and this site reccomends me get something in C. Should I get one in C and then use what i learn with that to play in A and E?

: Please drop me an email.....

: Robin Adams
Hi Robin , you can bet that most of the harp players here have every key harp and some others to boot but for starters i think your on the right track if you guys do alot of stuff in the key of A use a D harp if your in the key of E use an A harp if you like that bluesy sound but make no mistake you can use the same key harmonica that you are playing in thats called the 1st position you have to explore and be creative i remember some Clash tunes where the harp fit in really nice (stand by me) and some Police songs also its nice to hear Rock bands that use the harmonica like Bluz said it opens up alotof dimension tothe sound Hmmm get some Joe Jackson cds good harmonica on them keep playing and have fun George

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