My first jam!

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Posted by E-J on September 09, 2002 at 01:53:32:

This weekend, six of us got together at a friend's place with three electric guitars, one harmonica, about ten gallons of beer and some kettle chips for a bit of an experimental jam session... For a long while I didn't even dare to admit that I'd brought my harp with me, as I am a beginner and not at all skilled yet and I was afraid of looking like a fool. But then a guitarist friend got into playing a slow blues in 'E' and the temptation to join in became too great... So I pulled out my Lee Oskar in the key of 'A', tentatively played 4 draw a couple of times, and when it sounded like it fit, I started adding a few more notes, and chords, from the lower end of the harp on the holes I felt would be 'safe'... and fuelled by wine and enthusiasm, I succeeded in playing the harmonica in front of five people! and everyone really seemed to enjoy it. My friends' appreciative comments have motivated me to practice with renewed enthusiasm. I just wanted to tell other beginners here to try jamming, even if you think your playing will be rubbish; to non-harping friends it will sound much better than they imagine they could do!

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