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Posted by SlipKid on October 24, 2002 at 13:56:13:

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Don't worry Nick, your definitely not alone! The real funny thing is that we're actually afraid to tell people that "Hey, I'm gonna go practice harp in the park" or "Jam session with the guys this Sat." or simply, "I'll just play some muse tonight." I always find myself saying "I have plans; I was out with the neighbors; I just took a nice walk" for some reason leaving the my harp out of it. Can't figure out why either?! Maybe it's my phobia of actually having to play for them when I know I'm not at the stage I want to be yet. The irony is that, playing for people is precisely what I'm working towards! But enough about me....

Noise factor: I have the same problem. It's gotten' to the point luckily for me that those around me have learned to deal with it. I still steal every moment I can to play though. Forgoing phone calls and such. My girl knows that I love the harp and she's pretty much the only one I play for right now. I make here happy and wrote a song or two about her. She was real juiced bout' that! "Write another song about me!!" She says. So bingo, I get support and harp time. But the noise, when it's time to quite down, work on your tone. Fluctuating from high volume to a low tone ending with a vibrato. It's often a good time to work on subtleties.

Mr. Addict is right in a sense though, balance makes for a good foundation. Don't irritate those who would likely support you. Look at it this way, when your not on the harp and with those that matter most, think of how to put them into words or notes. Look to them for inspiration. Not much unlike the greats did for generations. Hey, happy harpin Nick, and never lose the blues.

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: Hi everyone
: I'm off again, you must be asking yourself "how does this fella get time to play with all these post he keeps sending?"good question,but this time I'm asking for advise.
: You see you guys are becoming like family, even though I've never met any of you.that's what I like about playing the harp,nobody holds what they've learnt close to their chest, everybody is willing to share their knowledge. So what's my problem? Well it seems a bit silly now I come to mention it,but I can't believe I'm the only one in this dilemma.You see like I said in a previous post I love my harps and Ilove playing them.Trouble is not everyone in my household appreciates the importance of getting a riff just right or the practice it takes to get a 3 bend.You can't plug the headphones into the back of your harp and I don't live in a big enough house to disappear somewhere.It's now getting to the point where I have to get those stolen moments with my "lover" when my wifes out and where as in the past I would have been upset if she was ask out without me,office partys ect,now as soon as she mentions it I'm saying "Yes! Yes! you go enjoy youself,don't woory about me I'll be alright" I know it's terrible isn't it,don't get me wrong I love my wife to bits, but you know what it's like, once you've done one riff and then another and before long you're hooked. maybe I should book myself into "Betty Fords" clinic.If any of you can help or know the name of a good shink let me know
: "Everyday I have the blues"
: Nick

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