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Posted by An addict on October 23, 2002 at 20:04:09:

In Reply to: Do I need help? posted by Nick on October 23, 2002 at 12:34:42:

When what you do with your harp becomes more important than spending time with your loved one[s] you're addicted. When what you do with your harp effects the relationships with the one[s] you love you're addicted.

Be very careful with what you wish/hope for because when you have it it may be doublly[spelling?] hard to change.

I have had similar experiences to you, in fact I still have some. I've been told to move out and in with my damn harps by my wife before.

For me now it's about balance. Wife/Family first always works in the long run, short term I miss out on some things I want but figure I don't really need them. For example, theres a blues jam this time next month, I figure if I put in the hard work and effort to love and support my wife now leading up to next month then by then theres enuff credit in her "emotional bank account" for me to make a withdrawal. By then she'll be more willing to see me go to have a nite out. Short term i give up some nights out or practice time to be able to go out later. It might be different if you want to play harp professionally and for a living. But if you're like me and toot around here and there including while supervising the kids bathtime so they don't drown, driving to and from things, walking round the park, riding in elevators, standing at the street corner waiting for a safe crossing, busking with friends, hitting the wood shed etc, then its all about balance.

Respect those around you who don't get into your harp like you do. Thier ears have rights, they have preferences.

Hope I haven't misread your post. Wish you all the best. Play on but know whats really important too and don't put those important things aside.

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