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Posted by SlipKid on October 21, 2002 at 13:17:55:

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...your not regressing Jon. Your just playin' dirty. That's is actually another way of how to hit your notes. If you pick up or drag a bit of the note on either side of the one your playing (usually the higher note), it's called playing a 'dirty note'. But it's also very charactersitic of the blues style. So I would just keep in mind what note your actually playing so that it comes out right, and to not have that dirty playing get too out of control. Otherwise it'll be sloppy AND dirty.

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: Hi..

: I just started playing the harmonica ove rthe summer, and I've progressed a decent amount since then. Anyways, I have Hohner special 20 in the keys of b and c. When I first started playing, I could easily hit single notes..but as I got more comfortable I've noticed that sometimes I'll be hitting double notes insted of single. But it still sounds good to me? (Maybe Im luckily hitting double notes when appropriate sounding.) Is this some kind of natural development technique or am i just getting worse as I progress?

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